Negotiating with an SOB – Jose I. Tobón
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Negotiating with an SOB – Jose I. Tobón

Along these lines, you’ll find some advice on how to approach a tough negotiator, whom I’ll refer to as the S.O.B. This negotiator is abrasive, difficult, abusive, unjust, rude, illogical, disrespectful, challenging, and self-centered. He is ruthless in his pursuit of his goals and has no hesitation about causing you or others inconveniences. He arouses vexing emo-tions in you, infringes on your rights, and makes you feel helpless. This negotiator wields overwhelming influence and has a detrimental effect on your life. It would be better if you could use ethical and clever ways to mitigate the negative effects that the S.O.B. has on you. For a minute, put yourself in the shoes of the person affected by this tough nego-tiator and chances are you will feel like a loser and your self-esteem will be on the floor.

Autor: José Ignacio Tobón

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